Raspberry PI

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Check out various options for programs that have been installed specifically for TrueNAS.

Home Assitant

In this area, you will find options for programs that were specifically installed on Home Assistant.

Media Center

Here you will find program options that will make your media system as complete as possible. In this way, you can configure programs for managing your media, as well as several options for streaming programs. Remembering that all programs were installed in x86x64 architecture. Installation procedure may not be the same if installed on Arm system.

Raspberry Pi

Check here, several options for programs that have been installed specifically for Raspberry Pi. If these programs were written to run on Arm architecture, they will also work on another single board that has the Arm processor.


In this area, you will get to know different applications to install only on x86x64 architecture. These apps will possibly work for Raspberry Pi, but have not been tested. So, I cannot guarantee that they will work the same.

Oracle Cloud

Here, the journey of using Oracle Cloud will begin……

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